Saturday, 13 January 2018

Criminal damage

On a whim headed right up towards the end of the syndicate stretch. Shocked to see that someone  (presumably those guardians of nature  the Environment Agency) had taken out all the far bank cover right down from the Mill to the first bridge.  And left it all along the near bank. Looked worse as the  river was being run down. You can see it's about 3 feet down. At least it wasn't  total chainsaw carnage. Note to hobby grazers. Flood plains flood. 

As I cursed the river began to run off even harder.  I did have two fish on briefly, defintely pike not broon trooot and one take that didn't really develop right at my feet as dog walkeress wondered if she would ever see an otter and didn't I find them just adorable? Ok, last hour with flake and lobs on the bridge pool (by now puddle). Cue loud shrieks and splashes as family having fun throw big flints in the river, right on the primed crease . Bollocks.

Monday, 8 January 2018

When in London

Returned son to London Town on Saturday.  Goldsmiths. Gleaming spires of academe and all that. No ring necked parakeets this time


London prices boi. All the geezers were dahn the Den, Millwall being at home in the FA Cup.. Anything can happen....

Think London prices are catching on in Kings Lynn. £3.50 for seven chips. And why gastro places never use a 0. As in 3.5. Even worse, a pint for 5.2. Which I didn't buy. Coffee was good though for 2. See, even I'm doing it.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

And the beat goes on

Slightly longer trip today, and the snood had to work hard to keep my head parts warm. ENE with wind speed in the high teens. Just the one sign of life after a recast. For a small fish on a 3lb TC rod it certainly took a tour of the river. Lovely clean fish. Still on the blueys even though I have a pack of very expensive lamprey lurking in the freezer now. Next time.......

My erstwhile chubbing companion had two missed pulls on flake (he told me). Seemed to be more  like crust cubes being struck off and floating down to be fair. He wasn't even wearing gloves. Another member  had a stonking great thing with spots on it, 7lb of wild broon trooot. Fan flipping tastic  Not sure if he was wearing gloves, or a snood. His ghillie went in up to his waist netting it for him. 
More stinking mud than ice cold water but even so.....

Saturday, 6 January 2018

In the bleak mid winter

6 C on the car temp display. God only knows what the windchill factor was. There were poor buggers working on the fields behind me. Bet there won't be many post-Brexit. Still, farmers will be paid according to how they look after the land, not by how much they own.  By 2026. According to that odious twerp  Slithey Tove  Gove. Watch out Gove, the Blobs haven't forgotten.

Rain ahead. And behind.

Deli jam porn. I love the Tiptree logo. Essex of course.

Thursday, 4 January 2018


Tuesday and against my better judgement, the red morning sky and forecasts of heavy rain from 12 I set  off with too many plans in my head. The river was rushing through the mill and a boat from way upstream was wedged in an eddy.

I decided on the faintly blue lagoon which looked calm and inviting I am sure you will  agree.

One faint dip on the waggler and nothing at all on the blueys and so I upped sticks to the river, thinking the rain looked a lessening possibility. Most of the water was actually coming down the forbidden creek rather than the main river and I found a nice run with even paced water and searched hard with  stick and red maggot. Just the one dip again. More determined dipping on the down stream bluey and  a spirited tussle ensued. A pike of 7-8 which unhooked itself as I grabbed the trace to chin it in. Not my by now good old friend then. And with that it began to rain. And rain. And rain. The bib and brace got a good testing and I could face some more wet chub sessions with less gear to dry at home later. The chub? Not interested in the slightest in double or treble lobs and I didn't even get to the stinky cheesepaste into dark stage. The cloud base was so low I couldn't see the corvids noisily searching  above for their roost. Perhaps they couldn't see it either.

One plan next time.....

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Charabanc trip

We do call New  Years Day New Years Day in Norfolk. I was dispatched by the Commander in Chief to stay out till lunch time with the Little 'Uns so that's what we did. 

Moody skies over Morston.

Stopped off at Bayfield Hall where we saw some dormice and a nuthatch

Too quick for a photo so handy the menu had one on.

We'd seen some daffodils at Beeston Regis  so not surprised to see the first snowdrops of the year too.

I imagine that this is an ice house, being as it is next to the lake. If so the Glaven which flows through the lake is cooling the base. Clever stuff.

The main event round here is the Cromer fire works so we all headed off after lunch. Windy so getting clean and crisp shots was difficult and of late the sand has been replaced by pebbles making the foreground less helpful too. Great display though.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Old Year's

Today in Norfolk is always Old Year's, never New Year's Eve. That aside I had a pre-lunch out of the back of the car pike sortie over at Gentrification Lock. The rain abated  but the wind didn't. Just thinking about starting the last twitch back on the long rod and the float simply wasn't there anymore. What had made it disappear didn't give much of an account of itself on the way in and was quickly slipped back. With that the couple who had been sitting in the car behind me watching for a wordless hour slid back through the quagmire, presumably off home, and presumably still silently. The charabanc made it through but now looks like an off road vehicle that had been put through it's paces on Dartmoor.

I've got Tuesday off with a plan for roach and chub if the river is fining down but just at the moment rain of biblical proportions is forecast for then so it's in the lap of the gods..