Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Mining a rich seam

Crossing the bridge a band of clear water under along a low willow line had me stopping. A spot I'd earmarked for some spray hemp and mag sometime in the future but just some gentle trotting using the extra length of the  15 foot Grays and a pin. I was expecting mainly dace but happened on some solid if not spectacular roach. Seems there are plenty in the system right now. Along with the seven plus chub that are appearing in the weeklies and sponsor posts. 

Not  a seven plus chub. But  a chub none the less. Makes the  Drennan Super Specialist #16 look like an anchor.

This roach  had a very high back and a big belly.

Standard size it seems this year. One a trot for a while. All netters

Love dace when they start pushing this size.

Really must spend some time planning for the better roach this autumn. They're certainly there. Bread  mostly I think.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

A worm at one end

Friday and the second day of sweet, cool rain. Even an autumn tang in the air. It brightened briefly late in the evening, enough to grab a rod, some shot and hooks and some worms. The gates had been opened  and shut to let some cut weed and the rain water through and it had shifted some of the gravel and summer holidays kids crap about so will be worth a daylight look. Just a half and hour or so tonight so it was a case of exploring the pool and converting some of the tugs and nibbles.

This was the best of a few perch, all bristly fins and stuff.

Only one"silver", in the shape of this little chublet.

This sprightly jack grabbed a worm on the retrieve and a  deffo pound plus roach was snaffled by a double figure pike.

Friday, 3 August 2018

A break in service

I've been catching a few side plates of late, with only one approaching a dinner plate but certainly no more dustbin lids.

I've been hatching a plan for an all out method attach down the middle but the prolonged dry spell has put that on hold for a while. A wise precaution.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

That there London

Took advantage of the graduation ceremony to have a little wander about that there London.

Looking down from Greenwich Observatory. I did spend a little time in Blackheath at the top of the hill when I was very young and I'll always remember the smell and those lovely yellow and grey London bricks.

Cutty Sark

Greenwich Market.

The staff of life

A little more exotic perhaps. Sometimes I think that Deptford and Greenwich are  a world apart, not just a street.

George Boi's next door neighbours.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

England's breaming...

Can't get enough of Abramis brama of late. But you have to pay your dues and mine included an hour long slog in extreme heat with an industrial sized mower to beat nature into some sort of brief submission around the Barely Blue Lagoon. Found a couple of things on the circuit, including this magpie feather./

Found rather more of this juvenile jay.

Dues paid it was out with a wafter down the edge and it wasn't long before Johnny Bream came knocking. I had a lensman on hand and here it is, all 8.02 of it.

Got a going back shot too. It's always good when you have someone decent behind the viewfinder .

Lensman gone it was up to me the next time the baitrunner fizzed. A little smaller at 6.13 and  one with spawning tubercles and rough, reddened skin.


Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Another Bureboi done good.

Off to the Smoke midweek as  Bureboi number 4 George had only done gone and got a First in History from Goldsmiths. Given his difficult start in school such a massive achievement. Well done son. Hard work pays off. Always.

The Right.Hon Dame Esdelle Morris presided, one of life's most genuine and wonderful 
public servants. Our Boi was first up. We whooped.

Don't suppose there will be much reason to go back to New Cross and surrounds  once I've done the last laden Charabanc runs which will be a shame since Bureboi number one @Bain3z started at Goldsmiths on a degree, masters and several mostly media jobs laden decade plus ago. He treated us all to a very generous meal at Primeur in Islington. Lots of sharing plates, wine and a general Hip vibe. The food was divine. Go. Seriously. You must.

Best of a very good quality bunch this pig cheek.

I wasn't allowed to wear my pre meal pint Greg Wallace hat in the restaurant, can't think why...