Thursday, 22 November 2012

Into the light

I had never seen Joy Division or New Order live so an opportunity to see Peter Hook and the Light play most of Joy Division's back catalogue last night at Norwich Waterfront with Wak Lite, putative historian/recordist of the Essex coastal fishing  industry was not to be missed following a musing about impending middle age over a chain Italian menu fisso and for me a sparkling water.

Average age of a good sized turn out was I'd say 45 with several dad/lad/daughter pairings and a lot bigger waistlines than the first time round. Starting off with Warsaw the very tight twin bass, guitar, drum and keyboard unit, fronted by the belligerent, engaging Hook gave a full 90 minute, hard-edged take on nearly all you'd have remembered or wanted  to hear. Simple but effective lighting and to my ears a good mix.

Highlights? The Norwich baiting intro to a pounding Transmission and the subsequent sledging of the1-0 taunter and the finale Love will Tear Us Apart. Roll on the Stranglers Wak.

1 comment:

  1. "Putative historian/recordist of the Essex fishing industry". You flatter me.
    Good gig review Wak.
    By the way, your middle age is not "impending", that was ten years ago !