Friday, 28 December 2012


The tribe had a meal at a very well appointed gastro-hotel on the coast road near the Burnhams during our stay-away Christmas. Beautiful decor, the food was really good and so was my Abbott.

Why then, over a not very full lunch service did it take nearly an hour for the mains (that's with  no starter) to arrive, not all together and not with a smile? And though this may show my lack of sophistication, just how much for a loaf of un-asked for bread and butter?

They are in this guide and you may have a better time but I am not going back which is a shame. (and, if you ring on the off-chance, with a large party as we did on a reconnoitre the year before, don't be surprised if they ask you not to order just soup.)

Probably less glamorous food served here at the Edinburgh in Wells but equally good beer (this time a Woodfordes Christmas Nog I think) and bar games as well. Not a bad way to spend an hour before Boxing Day lunch.

Not sure if these two had anything on the marshes.....

Wells doesn't look particularly wintry in these shots, but it wasn't raining for once.

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