Saturday, 2 February 2013


Headed up to the top of the syndicate stretch this afternoon and did get out of the car but the river in the pool was still high and with this lot coming I felt the exposed area I had intended to fish was probably not going to be to pleasant, and it already seemed a lot colder than the 4-5C the car was showing.

Off to Captains where I had some shelter from the hail and sleet showers that swept in frequently. Halved a small mackerel to use on both rods and third swim had a take on the rod fished over  a weeded area  opposite the second jetty. Felt heavy initially but then seemed to coast in and it was soon unhooked and nice enough for a go with the self timer (which you can see in my right hand.... better than the scrabble round with the on-camera 10 second self timer though).

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