Saturday, 27 April 2013

First trip

Late afternoon stint on Captains today.Tried one of the new swims first, this gets a bit more sun than most. Someone had been raking today and a lot of floating weed left on the surface making it difficult to get a bait in and then hold float still.

 Did have one dithery bite but decided on a move. This new spot was is just past the second jetty. The fizzes in the front of the swim were I eventually worked out to be more than one carp and were from spooked, not feeding fish. almost under the staging rather than the pike I first assumed

Again more disturbed fish , all around the float.

Given the fish about it took a while to get any interest till I tried prawn, dropped one almost straight away on the strike and then hooked another carp which went through the weed  and the hook pulled.First carp I've hooked on the pond. Appetite whetted but hope it gets a bit warmer .

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