Sunday, 16 June 2013

Back on flow

First trip on running water since March. Noddies on the bush swim complete with matching kids put paid to a chub dabble (they did have at least 4 decent chub circling over the gravel which I uncharitably did not point out for them) but I had really only intended to spend a couple of hours trotting for dace though it would have been a pleasanter afternoon without the noise from the afore mentioned brothers of the angle up stream. Never mind, they were enjoying it so no more bah humbug. Well, only a bit. A cry of "barbel" repeated by a sprog had me inwardly cursing, they had seen one from the bridge, and sure enough on my way past as I headed home I had a look over the parapet and a barbel was flashing under the bush.

I worked a reasonably deep glide with red maggot under a stable stick and had a good few fish including:
this unusually  plump dace..

a couple of strongly coloured perch...

and this chublet.

Found a couple of clearer glides and of course that tantalising barbelly glimpse. Heard an oyster catcher and an increasingly forlorn cuckoo (only second heard this summer ).

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