Thursday, 6 March 2014


Had pondered perch today but yesterday was mainly bright and I wasn't staying out late today so on to the Syndicate stretch, avoiding the last straight. Green woodpecker yaffling and plenty of tree drilling from their spotted cousin  and raucous jay screeching as as I headed on to the flood plain to cut out three bends and straights up to the Beck confluence. Overcast, mild but very strong upstreamer, with real rollers.This is in a brief lull

Dropped into second swim and nearside herring half was on its way across the river. A spirited  tussle from a lean pike of around 5 lb, which pivoted it's weight round on my finger and a gill raker "tooth". Resultant painful carnage that took a long time to stop bleeding. A very neat L shaped laceration. And blood every

I'd  just started to reply to a text from the Essex Scribbler when the far bank herring half was taken. This was a very different  fight, boring in the deep near margins and surging back up river, sending out large boils of disturbed water. A very heavy fish, with  a smallish head. The weight in the wet net was 19.10, and after deductions 18.02.

As well as the high level air traffic from Lakenheath or Mildenhall preparing for a soberingly possible calamitous showdown with Putin I was treated to a very low level pass by a Tornado and a couple of go rounds from a Hawk trainer..

Down to the willow bend for the last hour, and indeed on the last chuck almost as soon as I'd set the bait runner the downstream and across sardine was away and  another even plumper fish was in the net.

Pictures well taken by a pair of passing just out of school dog walkers in spite of their hounds taking more than a passing interest in the pike, both when I was holding it and when I was in the swampy margins returning it. Didn't weigh the fish given the close proximity of canine teeth and claws.. but I 'd guess over 10 in girth and belly/roe if not length. Perfect primrose and moss colouration , with an ivory belly with no silt stains or leeches, and better still no otter scars.


  1. Nice one BB, that'll boost the confidence! The F15s were up last night, apparently one squadron has gone to Latvia, a show of strength I suppose. Out tomorrow now the shattered fence is repaired, I think it will be the Perch that get the attention. I had a roach last weekend with huge, deep, Zander gouges on both sides so there'll be a deadbeat out for the 'elusive' fish too.
    Nice cut by the way, even a Jack's teeth do some damage, still to get a bite you have to catch them. Good luck at the weekend. The Terrier Book is in The Field magazine next issue so today I'm getting some ready.
    All the best, John

    PS Boro v Ipswich tomorrow, seventh game without scoring, a bet is going on that!

  2. Hope you get the zed John. Good luck on the drawing streak, I'm resisting Col U vs Coventry (who now play at Northampton).

  3. Why couldn't Boro remain shite for one more game. Bit of a blow for Town's play off chances.

  4. I fell in the drain when I saw the result on my phone. However, they are still shite ES. John

    PS Pike fishing blog and we're on the Championship. Amazing! I'm happy though.

    PPS that was a tenner wasted.

  5. Wak, why do you never answer smegging texts on your phone. It would be quicker for me to send you a letter in the post ! You fishing at all this coming week ? Great weather forecast.

    1. Sporadic useage mate. I am out most days but Wed and Fri deffo all day