Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter outing

The pace of spring is quickening, even if the wind off the sea is rather cold and the sun variable. Dispatched off out with littlest ones whilst Easter Sunday lamb was being herb crusted and merangue merangued. Headed off around Gresham, Baconsthorpe and back via Itteringham and Ingworth.

Rapeseed dominates the early cropping around here.
Ramsons (wild garlic)are just beginning to break through on the shaded  verges and in the copses
Blue is not just from the bells
A stunning entrance to Wolterton Hall which is somewhat out of the way
I rather like this battered wind vane with it's imperious totem, definitely bearing an adipose fin
A beautiful millpool on the Upper Bure below Itteringham
This used to be on a 37 and a half pence day ticket, along with several other stretches of the Bure including Oxnead which is now on my Captain's syndicate book. Simply gorgeous, one of Norfolk's 9 chalk streams I am told.
And just before the Jolly Farmer at Swanton Abbot, one of those part tended verges that seem to extend some county gardens across the road.
Some self deprecating English humour near Baconsthorpe to round off the day


  1. Great pictures. Its been a beatifil Easter here, sunny and warm. Lovely.

  2. Had a roker of about 6lb off the shore at St Osyth last week. No beach gentleman about, I think the north easterly wind puts them off, cough.

  3. Good to hear you weren't offered a Werthers or a fruit gum ES. That little Bure looks beautiful. John

  4. Scribble, good Roker, we've go to sort out The Fall arrangements. Shall I get Stranglers tickets for Holt Festival?
    Must get some nymphs and get on with it TT...

  5. TT -The Beach Gentleman wouldn't bother offering Werthers, their modus operandi is more, erm, direct. Dressed in fishing gear and stinking of squid I'm not high on their list of desirables though. Wak - As you don't answer texts I have to use your blog to converse with you. Yes to The Fall, Tuesday 5 May I think. Are you still coming to my 50 th birthday bash on Sat 24 May ? We will be performing loud and badly played covers of Iggy Pop and Dead Kennerdys songs.

    1. Thanks for the info Essex. They are obviously not 'Gentlemen" but, Joking apart, I love the term "Beach Gentlemen". I'll stick with the pike. Throw them in a lonely drain and nobody would know. Next time we go to Hunstanton I'll be on the look-out for BGs.

      All the best, John(@ The Two Terriers) Google playing silly buggers.