Sunday, 31 January 2016

A river runs through it

Wouldn't mind this at the bottom of my garden..A feeder for the very young Bure up at Thurning Hall

Here the  Bure is  now it's own river, about 3 miles down at Blickling.

I get to see a lot through the car window as the Bureboy charabanc shuttles the young 'uns around for their weekend sleeps. This is Juno back in at Blakeney after her  autumn overhaul. Would be  a sight to behold in full sail

Got as far as the car park today, liquidised bread and really rank cheese paste which is a good year or so old at the ready but the rain did not look like abating and  with  a full day wild west Fens secret squirrel foray tomorrow decided to keep my powder dry.

1 comment:

  1. A wise move BB. We are watching all the time. Mind you love the boat, I'd like to live on that. See you tomorrow, John