Saturday, 20 February 2016

February fill-dyke

Chub on the agenda. River yesterday had good colour which  would make a day time fish more likely.  Greyer today. Bread and cheese paste out of freezer. Did I want to put the rod rests in the same holes as yesterday? Especially as a couple of pike rods would be in the holdall as well. Perhaps  not.

Pking then,  back up near  Kings Beck scouting out some spots for Scribbler and Lord TT when they are up for a day. Spitting with rain as I slide along the muddy mill path.  Decide to chance the long straight rather than  the hike up past the double bends.

Start on the bungalow bend. Rods in as the rain increases.  Musing on the variation of bites on the float. Rarely use a paternoster these days particularly as it's almost always deads.   At least 1.5oz of lead. Rarely a run. Mostly rod tip indication and bobbing, almost cray-like.  Baits getting smalller, even halving joeys and smelts. Perhaps pike need to nudge  the small bait to get it up and in their  mouth, rather like the plucking bites they give on quivertipped meat. If a strong up streamer like today float at rest often moves up to a tighter line then back down with the flow. Where possible all line off the surface to avoid getting debris coming down.

Today the perfect line just on the flow up to the fallen willow in Bungalow Bill's back yard is not rubbish strewn so no need to be mending and moving.  Float gives a little jink. Debris subsurface striking line on way past always gives little pluck but this time the poly lifts twice and then is held just subsurface. Wind in and long flank twists and flashes. Margin here on the 90 degree bend shallows go a good way out so it's a slide over the silt,and a plump fish is  soon being given the hold and grin treatment.  11.11. That'll do nicely.

Prospecting down the long straight. Hasn't really produced for a couple of years but you never know. Well trod by Tarka.  Worth pre baiting? Must be a reason why the otters favour such an open area. Rain now cold and driven, and bank become Somme like.  February fill-dyke to be sure. Hate drying things off when they get so wet.

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