Wednesday, 9 November 2016


The Bureboy charabanc led a convey into deepest Suffolk over the weekend, ending up nestled into  a browning reed bed at the head of the tidal Butley River. Weather mostly dank and dreech and it was a struggle to get my useless piece of Canon shite to register much that didn't have to be Snapseeded to death.

Formerly a Provender (animal feed) Mill our accommodation was several apartments and a central, if ill- appointed communal space but large enough for 18. High set electric points pointing to the watery nature of the setting. Indeed, a river does actually run through it.

The adjacent buildings to support a once large swine herd, decimated in the last great foot and mouth outbreak had been turned over to art studios and evidence of their artisanal travails littered the marshes and higher ground, and providing a focus for the Bureboy lens to fall on.

The Butley river, ponded above the Mill feeds the Alde which is bounded seaside by the great sweep of Orford Ness and Havergate before it widens again under the brow of Aldeburgh. There were roach in the very clear water but Bureboy was in Jankers for just even thinking about it..

Here at the Mill the reed dominates, quartered all weekend by a Marsh Harier, mate less. This high ground must have had some strategic importance in earlier times.


Longer lens (75-300mm) does pull the horizon in a fair bit.

One of the The Creek Men by Laurence Edwards,  A Thousand Tides.

Or 3 Frames. by Bureboy..

I poked about in what I thought was an empty studio only to hear some strange music, perhaps these were sentry crows?

John TT has already cast his sartorial eye over this faded Suffolk version of bog door blue.

Orford window looking..

And the Quay


  1. Doesn't appear to be much wrong with the Canon from those shots.

    1. Cheers Wak, hard work rescuing them , perhaps my ineptness