Saturday, 10 December 2016


Looking over the bridge at the bones of the river in the painfully low and thin water I wasn't going to be trotting for those skittish roach anytime soon. So it was off down the muddy bank and a halved sardine on each rod. Both baits out and on came the rain. Not hard, but mean and persistent. River very pacy, at least 2 foot down and willow leaves visible on the bottom half way across. No water hardly coming off the main mill, some down the side stream and gates open further down

Did that down stream rod nod? Nothing developed so swung bait back out and it kept going. Wound down straight away given the nearby snags, on then off. Nice when you hit 'em on the snout whatever the outcome. Location  is often all. Baited up and just about to swing out again only to see the upstream float at my feet, A  real powerful fight, in those snags once then in the onion bag. Decent belly on it and a very big tail. 6 or 7lb?

Down stream rod gave two distinct taps and then away. Twisting, surging then stop. Weeded covered head. Not quite as big.

Troubled by the proximity of the snag moved next swim down  and had just got both rods out when a bleep and upstream float just a couple of yards out was off. Much more powerful fish and not keen on surrender. Guessed it as a low double and in the ET Tube for a grin and hold shot if rain eased off. It didn't so some mat shots after a weigh and a little bigger than guessed at 14.02. Again a plump belly on it.

Immediate response to twitching the downstream rod and probably a good pound or so bigger than the first fish of the day despite not being quite so plump. Length is often all. Markings prominent on all the fish today.

Decided an another hour, though enticing would only prolong the drying out time and also earn a few points towards another trip tomorrow if weather a little less grim.Some bramble lined straights below the next bridge that might hold a few sergeants if the worm were trotted close enough to them?

Stopped at the gate to check the Res and called Lord Lite. Curlew calling off stage right as he looked over the estuary. Buzzard unlike a child: heard but not seen by me.

Wind has got up and rain has not stopped. Once I have this wet dripping tackle dried off it must be whisky time.


  1. Cracking looking fish and an excellent session. Got a bottle of 12 year old Bunnahabhain single malt last week. It's a corker.

  2. Great stuff, I do like pike and perch, they know how to put make-up on. John

  3. Bought a bottle of Glenlivet today but there's nowt wrong with Islay. John