Sunday, 6 August 2017

Snot a lot

Just about 2 spare hours so quick sticks to the very local water and after some diligent feeding of hemp, smatterings of corn and mixed pellets the bubbles began and in with a couple of grains of  corn holding a small dendrobena on the #12 B520. Did we have dendrobena back in the day?

It's really low on the pond and even a short waggler seemed to brush against the fish as they upended, more so the mudpigs that swirled away, sending up clouds of silt and sheets of bubbles.

First to succumb this feisty fish with a twisted upper tail lobe and a bit of an attitude. Pin and Drennan Tench combo doing the business again.

It's great uncle splashed about then wallowed through the silt to the pan net, doing a great job of filling it, and coating it with a thick layer of slime, second only to snig snot.

Hauling it's slobbering bulk in I pondered briefly how secure the overfit joints on the new landing net handle were. Too secure it seems as I now have an inadvertent 2 metre top section. Probably gummed up with bream slime.

All too soon it was wine o'clock and my irrational fear of not being able to see the lock combo even with my handy phone flashlight app so off I trudged to watch Bolt wish he had hung up his spikes in Rio.