Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Selfie stick

Island hopping late on over the weekend. The pond is visibly shrinking and probably no fishing for a while to come. I made a little hay though. And decided to have a go with some remote shots.

This lean machine will have the pike police reaching for the vitriol. No, it didn't wolf down a deadbait. Nicely hooked in the scissors on a static mini Source.

And just the one on a very brief late Sunday sesh. The cheeky bugger is clearly rolling it's eyes at my pink shirt.

It rained yesterday. Well, three spots as I got out of the car in Cromer. Grey cloud and cold wind all day today but no hope of anything falling. Except most of the Cabinet. Good riddance. Go on Maybot. You wake every day just waiting for the sky to fall in. Just give up and haunt some barley field like the hooded crow you are. Even then the Corbyn deniers in the Labour Party will contrive to keep him out of Number 10. And someone please egg and flour Trump. 

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