Sunday, 6 October 2019

Make hay...

Sunday's forecast was dire and Saturday dawned dryish, mild and still. A walk before getting bait saw a river up, with a bit of colour left but steady and plenty fish topping. Pint of reds, bag of casters and I had some hemp already.

By the time I had my pass out the sun was out and the wind increasing but an upstreamer. The bridge pool is a go to for roach but not that easy a swing out and today the flow was a bit further again even with the 15 footer.  I'd bought a shorter waggler rod (13 feet) along so that was the second line of attack but it wasn't easy with the amount of debris catching the shots on the way down but the float dipped from the off. Not a bad fish to kick off with.

You can tell when the thump thump is a bit more serious, and when they start to cut up against the flow you hope the small hook holds, especially when they get level with you and the angle changes.
It's a 1000 size real and smallish net so I didn't get the sling and scales out but a nice, thick set roach 

 A session when they are mostly this size is very pleasant and most were.

At times I had quite an audience, one watcher in particular spent a long time deep throating the landing net handle. Cows cough a lot and drink as noisily as they piss.

I did eventually switch back to the pin, more for aesthetic reasons but I just seem to get more control of the line when the swing out goes right and I love that direct feel of the fight. To busy to have any ginger beer today so must have had a few.

I did have a couple of dace and a tiny gudgeon and one small signal cray as well.

I think that I'd get more out of the swim with waders to get a bit closer to the sweet spot, and I'd be more inclined then to go with flake as well. And certainly into dusk and beyond on the tip.


  1. Beautiful looking roach, might have to try and find some myself...