Sunday, 6 January 2013

No rain..(and no fish)

Saturday. No proper rain for a couple of days and degrees in double figures. Worms had turned to mush so grabbed the last of my lampreys and smelts and off to the river. Dropped in at  Captain's on the way as Macca's van in car park. Cursed him I think as he dropped a good fish on a dead bait as I caught up with his recent trips.

As a short trip only settled for the stretch above Buxton Mill from the first bend down. Flow off the big right angle bend down the near bank and usually good for a fish somewhere along the stretch. The far bank looks fishy but is about a foot deep. Searched well I thought but nothing doing. Good to be out though and almost balmy at some points though I think it will be colder tonight.

This is above the bend looking up to another tight bend with a large willow.Some surgery has been done and the raft has altered it's position. Back with a paterenostered bait soon.

Sunday After a much colder night and a light frost out for a good two hours pushing little 'un in the pram, and an hour leaf clearing got the green light for an unplanned sortie after lunch. Morrison's finest sardines had frozen and I fancied a couple of hours further up around Kings Beck. A couple of hundred yards down the road and thick fog appeared from nowhere. Nearly stopped on Captains but pressed on. Got to Plantation Bridge to find two cars there already which was the first time that's happened. Fished like a prat, possibly as I was rushing to fish as much water down before the two blokes I could see  dimly through the murk fished back up on their way to the cars. (they are just round the bend)
As bright as it got....

And descended to this (OK, even more out of focus but you get the idea)

Only highlight was the clamour of rooks (how apt a collective term) trying to work out where to roost in the murk. I wonder how Wak Lite  fared at St. Osyth after the dabs and whiting?


  1. Looks ideal for chub, you got it wrong ! Birds more vocal in the last couple of weeks., they know imprints on its way. Plenty of dabs and whiting at St O the other day.

    1. Got a load of cheesepaste smelling out the fridge for the weekend....

    2. No chub up after the mill any way (or perhaps there is a pioneering biggie?)

  2. Poxy computer correcting my English, SPRING is on its way.