Saturday, 12 January 2013

When Saturday comes.

Geo Man and I made the trip down the A140 for the very first time this year to the soulless out of town concrete void locally known as Cuckoo Farm, or officially the Weston Homes Community Stadium, proud (latter day) home of Colchester United. Probably the coldest day of the year so far. Apparently 3,258 of us decided this would be the place to worship at football's feet though this shot doesn't quite do justice to the swelling throng numbered above who assembled to marvel at the athleticsnm and grace of the 22  gladiatorial combatants pictured below.

I would say this scene sums up League One very well. It'll be even worse next year in the "bottom tier of English football" which is where Col. U are headed after slumping 1-2 to a just as hapless "Iron" (Scunthorpe). Joe Dunne is reported to be considering his future after guiding the U's to 9 straight defeats in a row 
I think that this is a solid bank of five or holding a very deep line?


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