Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Icy blast subsides (a bit)

Although it was still raw this morning I psyched myself up to a bash after lunch. Plumped for somewhere not too far from the car and ended up below Mayton Bridge on the Bure. It was not quite as cold and the river, though coloured looked quite promising. Probably the pace more to do with the gates down at Horstead than the amount of water coming off the land which is surprising seeing just how much was on the fields and on the roads still yesterday.

Second swim and an inconclusive take on half a small mackerel, float dipping but not moving saw me wind down to no bait, and no fish. Scouting down a couple of swims found what was left of what I judged to be a perch given the colour and nature of the fins and the roe (early spawners). One the otter ate most of this time.

As ever barn owls evident, a pair quartering the flood plain. Managed this reaction shot, not too bad given it is only an 18-5 mm lens and the owl had just appeared in the gap. Glimpsed a jay and heard a buzzard. Rooks enjoying the wind.

Last swim before the stile and another tentative take, again on half-mackerel, the float dipping with a  little more vigour and this was the culprit. Didn't weigh this one but knocking on doubles.

Not to sure about the last day, having seen the river today if there is no more rain then maybe I will have a go at the chub...did snow quite hard just as I got to the car.

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