Saturday, 2 March 2013

Quick sticks

Short notice pass out today.. quite warm by the time I got to the river at 3pm in distinct contrast to this morning which was grey and cold.. Spotted someone was  further up with my bins so went to check on their permit, they had just had  a 17,  from the description was the same fish I'd had last Friday, and a good distance upstream.

Had to negotiate a treacherous deposit of thick clay by the little brick bridge half way up the stretch. Double size, double weight moon boots, not pleasant!

Had a small fish on whole sardine but off  the river by 4.30 as Wak Lite called with a possible trip down to Devil Dog Land on offer Monday and I needed to get some bait bought and in the freezer as I had thought about a day chubbing, not piking originally on Monday so hadn't stocked up in the week.

Saw a nervous shoal of small dace or roach (2-3") in the little stream behind the flood bank. Not sure where it joins the river for the fish to get in to to spawn, must be the little stream that runs under the bridge below the mill which in turn comes out above the rail bridge so that's a long way down from where they were today. Egret in flight seen at distance and a large hawk which was tantalisingly just too far for the bins to really make out detail. I don't think it was a buzzard so possibly a harrier? Never fail to spot a barnie or two on the stretch though, what ever time of day.

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