Monday, 8 July 2013

Call that a bait dropper?

Glorious weekend. Feel the heat of the sun in your bones again.

 Short trip on river  after tea on Saturday. Maggots seem to last a lot longer these days. Best fish this bristly sergeant, surprised sneaking past chub bloke "I didn't expect to see that".
Sunday evening even warmer. Planned to bait a few swims with hemp and corn. Found bait dropper in tackle bits. Seems to have shrunk. Put some black cap feeders in as well to see if hemp would wash out quickly enough.

 Walking through the first stile had a mill pool itch to scratch so that was as far as I got. That weir pool smell and the roar of the water. Decided to go with a 50grm Black cap. Lots of dacey knocks and one proper pull (missed).No snags though. I've scratched that itch for a while so it's further down stream next time and dropper several spots.

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