Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ringing the changes (slightly)

Having raked a small area of the first jetty on Wednesday thought  I would have a session on Friday before the pond weed  grew over the spot. Warm evening, on the jetty by 7ish. Macca tucked away in Dead Man's Hole. Must be colder in that corner out of the sun as he  was well wrapped up.  Cast about around the raked patch, not much room for error as the pond weed was quite thick around. Spot is the second indent from the left of the swim.

Satisfied I had a target area catapulted in 10 pouches of hemp and a few handfuls of corn, to fish corn on the lift. Using Shanus' old 12' Kevin Ashurst blank with a Cardinal 154. Some what thicker than the  Drennan Waggler rod (and Mitchell 300) I was going to use to snatch a few roach and rudd whilst I waited for a bream or two to find the hemp and corn.

A lot of activity all round the pond with plenty of movement in the area over the weed to he left in the first frame. Well out of rake range. A couple of perchy fry raids in the lillies. A coconut every shy on the maggot on the drop. Some blade roach but mostly hand sized fish like these rudd and roach. Dropped the biggest as I didn't want to wield the 36 '' net in the background and couldn't quite swing it in without the hook pulling.

A few small bubbles, more so when hemp went in and missed the first unmissable bite on the corn, a lift and slide, tip hanging under the surface like a red beacon but in reality hung up on a frond of weed. Second time round and no mistake and  an enjoyable circuit round the swim from this bream of about 4 lb. A bit light on the lower lobe of it's tail but quite thick across the shoulders.

Several dithers, either liners or rudd knocking the red float rubber at the base of the waggler, and one more missed bite, and after a natter with Macca, despondent after 2 blanks, (are they off the bait now  he pondered) it was as he said wine o'clock and off the pond to rinse the net and unhooking mat of bream slime. I would have liked to fish a spot a bit further out and put in some crumb over a wider area but by this time of the summer, even with our climate warming cold spell un-rakeable from jetty at least weed would have made presentation other than a no shot down approach or a buoyant disc of bread just supporting a shot and that would have been mullered by the rudd and roach.

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