Saturday, 10 August 2013

Life in the lower echelons

Off down the A140 today for the first home game of the 2013/14 League One season for Colchester United vs. Port Vale. The U's chalked up an away 0-1 on the first day of the season but have the league to concentrate on following a nap hand from our new nearest rivals the Posh on Tuesday night in front of a woefull 2.500.
Mind you, pitching up at the theatre of dreams  on a regular basis isn't  likely to get the jumpers for goalposts  juices flowing that easily. Just how more out of town concrete bowl can you get?

Hence the thronging masses at the ticket office.
I hope the live act had a good rider. Perhaps fat oldies in replica shirts like me were not her target demographic or were they enticed by the cosmopolitan al fresco pint and burger stall? With tables and everything.
Let's be charitable and assume the Valiant's player at the end of the Respect line-up is not;looking to avoid a handshake.

The slightly (ever so slightly ) less woeful 3 and  a bit thousand included the Port Vale faithful spreading themselves a bit further than really necessary around the North Stand.

 The game? The U's seem to have learnt to pass the ball, but remained timid with the final shot. Some myopic officiating  (why do linesmen have to wait for the referee  to indicate which way the throw went?) and a few hearty challenges along the way..
and the introduction of England's most cherished player Lee Hughes  precipitating some witty banter....
before this move led to Gavin Massey stabbing the ball home from 2 yards for another 3 points.
 A somewhat dejected keeper has picked the ball from the back of the net as the back four inquest begins..

Well. I've seen a lot worse from Colchester over the years. Not one player remains from that magnificent first season in the Championship side as Big John White has gone to Southend and we still have no obvious goal outlets. Sears ran the show from midfield today but predictably didn't get the usually baffling man of the match award.


  1. I admire your loyalty, but frankly Id rather chase a mouse around a piss pot than pay to watch that shower in that souless monstrosity.

  2. It`s family fun and hideous corporate greed. Shite football too.
    But, when Saturday comes....once a month anyway.
    It's a hopeless, chronic affliction that even if Geo man gave up going, or went on his own I'd still have an urge to do. Possibly.

    The alternative is going to Shitty. I hate that library. Full house, a pitiful on the ball city now and then and stand up if you hate the scum. Canary Call on Radio Norfolk "I can honestly say, that is the worst performance for 30 years" Where you at the game? "No, I listened on the radio in Morrisons car park while the Dragon went shopping."