Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wot you looking at?

A rather imperious herring gull on a post at Salthouse. In this crop you can't quite see the tips of the blades peeking over the shingle defences from the  massed array of turbines that make up Sheringham Shoals

.What a beautiful afternoon in what is now officially......

Ice cream from the van in the lay by by the duck pond at Salthouse (Blakeney car park was  rammo and we were turned away) and  a look round the Church, high upon the glacial ridge.  What an imposing, square jawed  building, looking out at and standing up to the North Sea and centuries of winds blasting in from the Steppes. Rather haughty like the gull above. The sea does come in though. through any gap it can force in the shingle. I have seen the coast road closed under a deadly salt incursion, tainting the soil  and killing the coarse fish in the lagoons and starving the bitterns.

Norfolk red brick,flint and pan tile cottages.Hollyhocks abundant.

and produce to sell
It's been a topsy turvey year with spring a month late at least but summer is here, and what a summer so far.

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