Saturday, 1 February 2014

Pressure drop

Glass in the kitchen is reading 29.5. Wind is accordingly strong and sky strangely clear. Quite a lot of water dumped resulting in a very coloured but not particularly high river. Not sure if chubbing was the best plan in retrospect. Skirted past the successful swim from last week to search a bit further down. Thought I'd fished through quite well but no bites at all, not even on a last half hour smelt.

A very brief lull in the very gusty and strong wind

The first of the season renewals dropped through the letter box today. Will be able to opt for a no extra cost fly permit for the stretch from 1st April through to 30th September. Do fancy some nymphing. That's a brownie in the mill pool (1st left of this group of 3 fish).

Not a bad little pool to search through on an early spring morning with a 6#. Not sure about the claimed sea trout though.

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