Saturday, 8 February 2014


With no footie and another short-notice pass-out decide to use up the last few deadbaits in the freezer, no chance on the rivers with all the rain, sleet and hail so a very short trip to Captains. Level up and unusually coloured. Problem? There has been some weed clearance, a very short man spends half the winter literally up to his neck in the water talking out lilies, I suppose to sell on (water level high enough to top his head at the moment) and I think Hell Bent Logan has been running his impressive weed clearer through by the look of the floating weed piled up in the windward margins but  even so with level so high hard to see any resultant gaps to fish into.Wind  squally and variable  so decided to fish the Norwich bank rather than the stages as they were very exposed. Gave me an opportunity to watch and listen to one of the group of buzzards that roost in the plantation and rhodo-scrub.

Nothing took a liking to the sardine I halved and despite the wind I decided to head round to the stages for the last hour. Surprised how much pond weed was still present and just how strong the wind was and just how much the wind was swirling around.. The staging itself was quite wet and it didn't take much hesitation to reel in before the hour was up. Put a few of the remaining deadbaits in a couple of spots on the way round to the gate.

Should have I chanced the river?


  1. You should have fished the river, son caught a low double and I got into a school of Perch between a pound and a pound and a half but boy was it windy! Some nice Roach and Rudd fishing for fresh bait with my £9.00 four meter pole. Certainly it was better than watching Stelling and Co and willing Middlesbrough to score a goal. Four blanks in a row for them, that's worse than me.

    All the best, John

  2. You chose right, well done to you both.
    River time is dwindling so I'll try and find a slack next time..there might U's have three fixtures backed up now and a drainage free pitch. Pickles will be down there soon blaming someone else!