Monday, 19 May 2014

Cast, retrieve, remove weed, cast etc.

Sunday was mainly spent on the 400 mile round trip to Bognor to retrieve nearly largest Bureboy. No Essex Scribbler, I didn't enter the Bognor 10k run on a whim.Then you would have guessed that..

I just had to unwind from the drive so headed off to Captains on a still balmy evening toting a lure rod and this little beauty.

Cast, retrieve, remove weed, cast. The title describes my still lukewarm attitude to lure fishing but I figured that after 8 hours of driving the slow amble round the pond would be less pressure than feeding and hoping, hand hovering over the butt as the bubbles started.. Besides, I hadn't defrosted the hemp. And I guess because of my half heated attempt that was all it was. Cast, retrieve, remove weed, cast.

I did however discover a large percentage of the pond's mud pigs sporting in the (really shallow) shallows on the Norwich bank. And the rhodos are breaking through.

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