Saturday, 10 May 2014

Spawny get

Have had some hemp festering  nicely in the fridge since last weekend.(Bi-carbonate of soda really does make the seeds blacker. What a fizz if you add the bi-carb to boiling water. Must try to make some honeycomb butterscotch soon.)  Open a bag of frozen prawns, grab a handful and off to Captains which is about 3 minutes in the car.

A mild but very squally afternoon. A bit exposed on the jetty but I fancied a bream or two and  after a few drags with a rake (pond weed up and running) soon had  a prawn out over the curried hemp fished lift style. An odd bubble and the odd dip of the float indicated some breamy presence but no strikeable indications.

After a very heavy shower I was treated to a considerable  cauldron of carp activity over the hemp before a lull and a classic lift bite and this somewhat war worn bream very rough to the touch and resplendent with spawning tubercles.

I dropped another larger bream on the way in shortly after and decided to head home  satisfied with my first fish since the traditional end of season.

Charlies next time, heavier line but still fishing over hemp to try for a mud pig. They certainly like the hemp, I think something  buoyant popped up a bit of the deck but still lift style would grab their attention.

Both the canada and greylag geese have lost all their brood and gone, at least two were seen to meet a toothy end off the road bank.


  1. Do bream ever look resplendent, spawning tubercules or not ? Says an ex bream basher. Booked Misty In Roots tickets for Arts Centre on Sunday 13 July. Be there. Roots music for everybody. Get yourself a ticket and take a trip to Devil Dog land.

  2. I think I will. Irie.

    One about 15 lb would look cock-on. Not from Captains though, too acidic

  3. P.S Tell John TT to get his blog comments bit working so we can clog up his site with mindless nonsense.