Monday, 21 July 2014

Crock of gold.

Saturday evening, we've got over the massive storm last night and now it's tropical. Macca had seen a shoal of big bream on the Ressie and some tench out as well. Macca was on the car park swim so headed round to the big willow where it is a bit more secluded, and due to the shade a little clearer of weed. Had thought of twin rod approach , one on prawn and one on corn and sit and watch the water and perhaps a break to try the waggler.

Now, I can't remember if I re spooled then Cardinals or not, but the line lay is horrific and the twist weakens the lines and leads to lots of tangles. I half freed the running link and swung out a size 8 sedge hook  full of corn and attached the bobbin. Then followed a tug of war as I tried to reset the bobbin before  it sunk in something  was pulling back. I thought it was small tench until I saw the red fins. Net not set up. Panic..Manged to scoop a rather stunning roach up and safely to the back of the swim. Straight into  a placcy bag and took the Wayfarers round to a very pleasing 1.09.

I then proceeded to fish like a prat but still found it quite enjoyable. A few smaller roach and a perch on the float and if I found a hole in the weed some reasonable roach again on corn. Half heated response to prawn. Macca lost his first carp this time round on what is his old stomping ground and headed off as the Buxton clock had just struck wine o clock (always 3 minutes early). That first roach was a belter and  the Ressie definitely needs some further roachy investigation.

Definitely last knockings
Straight off the rods with the Cardinals, retro chic but unfishable with..


  1. BB, just back from a weekend in Murcia at a Spanish wedding… still recovering too. Saturday it was 41C in the shade and with a breeze, utterly hellish.

    On the subject of Cardinals I've consigned mine to a box in the shed now so that I am not tempted to use them having screwed up an evenings fishing ten days ago. Took them both both jammed, line under the spool and one fell apart. God bless Shimanos in any size. Now thoughts turn to wetting a line rather than wetting the throat.

  2. TT, that sounds hot! I nhear the fishing is not bad on the Drains this season?

  3. I've fished the drains a couple of times and caught Rudd and Roach to about a pound, if you use worms for Perch it's eel time and some of them are around three pounds. next week I'll start chasing Zander again, I never thought I'd get all nostalgic about the cooler October days!

    There is also a lot of that floating surface weed building up, don't know the proper name for it but it looks like a 2-3mm wide water lily and there are vast amounts in the margins spreading towards the middle.

    The Roach and Rudd were caught on stewed wheat by the way.


  4. Ahhh, the fecking Cardinals. They've let you down before and will again. Nice reels but flawed i.e poor line lay, line gets trapped round back of spool and when on anti reverse rotates backwards half a rotation before settling !
    Like TT says, get some Shimanos, decent Daiwas or even Okumas. Souless but pretty much fault free.
    By the way, I've updated blog for first time in 6 months !

  5. wingnut the london taxi driver would be proud,he still shops at the pak butchers.

  6. GF Bot or not? Evesham Natiionals?Pickled eggs.How many?

  7. 36 years have passed since the magnificent seven sallied forth into darkest warwickshire,it was onions and cant remember how many but it caused much gastric commotion. your still keen by the looks and a cracking bit o river to fish.

  8. aargh,who else was in the dream team? i remember adrian goodwins dad was there and a bloke called govus or summat.

  9. Leon Govus. Top bloke. He died in about 1990 in his early forties. Lovely bloke. Goozgog is still about, but doesn't leave his house except on rare occassions, hence his nickname, "The Capel Hermit".

    1. Saw the younger Lite in Cromer on Saturday