Sunday, 20 July 2014

Prospecting for gold

Thursday and hedge cut so off to walk the new water...nestling just by the syndicate beat.  Not that cherished recently which may be why we got it...just may be some gold in there.

Small, clear and a lot richer than Captains.

Has half an otter fence, that's a  future job.Some hefty movement  in the marginal cover and home to kingfishers..mythical 9lb bream and tench...and some big mudpigs still.

Sun sets behind the lake. The river looked in top shape with a lot of dace moving for the crust and flake I'd bought to tease out a few fish to spot.

And  a slow lingering sunset. A bit Serengetti ish over Skeyton


  1. Can't beat the summer Wak. I'll post some pics of Scillys/Cornwall soon. Got some nice shots of some outrageously coloured wrasse.

  2. better than the fruit orchards of evesham"thats stealing that is"