Sunday, 8 February 2015

Clean sheet

Saturday and a free afternoon. Have had some cheese paste slowly festering in the fridge. Need to suss out some spots to drop the Essex Scribbler on for a five so off to the syndicate stretch. Chucked in a couple of deads as well.

Plan of attack would be to dropper liquidised bread laced with garlic salt in a few swims and repeat down to the stile and back up with deads.

First spot fishable given the flow is quite tricky as in the picture, need to cast well past the first trailing fronds and bring back into the denser cover at the foot of the swim, without the line getting hung up in the fronds.  This particular batch of cheese paste, as well as being so hummy was also robust enough to withstand being dragged back across the top into place.

3rd put in, and a clear double pull, not deserving of the feeble response from me. Back in and a whack round on the drop again missed. Given the likelihood of a five being quite high somewhat jarred off.

Next swim looks very similar but a longer, steadier glide and I had droppered the bread down the run.  Probably better trotted , certainly today not a fruitful work though on the lead. Fished a couple more spots before deciding to switch to pike.

Halved a bluey (what species are they?) and in second swim below a bush feature twitched one of the bluey halves with an immediate stuttering  response. What ever was playing with it was saved by the same branch the bait and trace must have been laying in, no teeth marks but more encouragingly not shredded by one of the signals that have invaded the stretch. Dropped the bluey tail back in and a much more staccatto pinging on the bait made me think that Ronnie or Reggie had got there first.
Fortunately not, though the little pike hanging on was hardly likely to trouble the scorer. Game little blighter though.

Saw a couple of otter spraints, and one slide but no signal claws. Deer prints too.

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