Saturday, 28 February 2015

Brightness in the gloom

A very grey afternoon on the Bure today, variable wind and regular pulses of mizzle. River down and steady, with a tinge of colour. Rods out by 2, having re-rigged for river fishing. Joey on the downstream rod and sardine on the other. Third short twitch back down with the sardine rod and as soon as the bait runner engaged  the float jagged upstream. Contact briefly with a fish moving fast across the river before the line fell slack. The flying hook and worked down the trace and with both trebles in the tail root not surprisingly the pike hadn't been firmly hooked. Time for a cup of tea.

Away on the sardine again, and this lovely little feller graced the net, lightly hooked and soon back in the river. This fish, the day glo orange polyballs and a lighter band of clay along the ridge of the newly ploughed field the only things to lift the stygian gloom.


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