Monday, 30 March 2015

Back on the Pond

Weather forecast gave a window till early afternoon.  Defrosted some hemp and left over mash, and bagged some frozen cheapo prawns. Swirling wind, hope it dosnt wipe out the stages.  Inquisitive swans, mash comes in handy to keep them off the hemp. Wind is constantly changing direction, rig up a rod rest  on the bag to enable enough of an angle to sink the tips. First few bubbles. Float any and back winding, this is no bream. Sends up great clouds of silt, Ashurst 12 footer match rod soaking up the pressure.  Green spot tail, a pike then. Spawned out summer slim already.

Distract the Swan and top up the hemp. Buzzard working the wind over the dam. Lift and dip, feels like a bream but looks very dark, black even. Old tinca? No, bream, with a gnarled tail. No spawning tubercules just yet.

Next bite suspiciously soon after cast, hooked fish dashes up to the surface, gold and red flashing. Hybrid?  Loves the prawn anyway.

Curfew approaches. Float away again.  No mistaking this time, another bream, tail perfect this time.

Plenty of fish down there.  Need to get a bait through the rudd, and be able to msnage any carp that comesaslong. Would like to bait far heavier, would need to have someone else keeping the swans busy elsewhere. Will certainly needed to run this through a few times, weed already getting away. A monster cutter rather than rake, need the boat for it

Found this on the stage,  have a river ticket and lots of free spots on Wensum pools to try properly for some brownies, wild ones at that for the 1st onwards.

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