Sunday, 1 March 2015


Due to The Old Farm Derby at Carrow Road the Sunday League game kicked off early which meant that a planned hour lure fishing could be extended to a longer session. Decided on the Middle Syndicate beat between the two mills. Settled on the bottom of the S bend below Kings Beck down to the church. Glorious bright day compared to yesterday's dour grey, but even windier though right over the shoulder on this bend.

Encroaching reeds on the inside of the bend limiting landing spots without chesties so didn't feel had covered aĺl of the likely areas. Worked down the straight past these alders and willow.

To the boathouse stretch and Norwich reported by The Essex Scribbler to be 2-0 up. Some enthusiastic tidying up on the far bank had removed much of the over head cover so concentrating on the near channel.

Altered by the bait runner to a pike making back upriver with the half-joey. Saved most of it's effort for a couple of head shaking tail walks at the net. Around 3-4 lbs and some healed otter scars to flank and tail.

Next take was less dramatic, several bobs of the poly ball before it moved into the flow. Much more spirited resistance from this fish, probably a pound or so bigger and with the  pug snout quite common on this stretch.


  1. A pike with a Concorde nose BB. We get a few in the drains but not many at all. report up tomorrow about saturday in the Freezer. Boro lost again because, in my opinion, the manager can't stop buggering about with the team. Whatever happened to a settled team?

    If want to read a jaundiced view on footie click on harry Pearson's link on the TT.

    All the best, John

  2. Last photo nice. Springlike yesterday here out of the wind. Things moving along nicely.

  3. Tight at the top TT, everyone's losing a few. Anyone's guess who goes up. The least said about this weekend's football the better.