Saturday, 9 May 2015

Bream ticket

Fished into a big wind on Cranes this afternoon. Big willow creates some shade that inhibits some of the weed, which is already getting away. Opted for feeder fished corn, real and fake. Haven't used a feeder for some time now

Frustrating signs of fish, short pulls and one decent take missed. Each time my enthusiasm wanes, and home beckons a flurry of twitches keeps me there. Rednecks swing into the car park in a pickup, toting and using shotties. No dog with them so anything  winged isn't going to get picked up. As they pull away the bobbin under the left hand rod, double real corn on a Drennan Specialist #12 slides all the way up and a solid thump at the back of the strike, certainly not a roach, not strong enough for a tench.  Church clock strikes 8 as the bream rolls into the net. Lovely plump fish. Into the plastic bag sling. A very solid 6 lb 10oz. Groundbait bowl empty and I decide I have had enough.

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