Saturday, 23 May 2015

Filling my espadrilles

Following the Essex Scribbler's spring sea quest with interest. When you are on a roll you have to ride it while you can.

My own purple patch is on Captains  Pond right now. Two rickety stages take you well out over the pads and right into the bream patrol routes.  These little blighters are doing their best to keep the weed down.  I did have to assert myself over the male in order to get a bait in the water. He didn't fancy a volley of fir cones.


Hemp, corn, lentils, orzo pasta laced with salt,  chilli and ginger trickled in when Mr. Swan had his head down soon had the swim fizzing. Prawn, with occasional corn under a Shanus reed float lift stylee. 11 plump little female, rough and tuberculed male bream and a golden hybrid joined by a fiesty male tinca made for a very pleasing afternoon in the May sun.


  1. The halcyon days of May, Wak. Life at it's most, vigorous, hopeful and best.

    1. May is currently my favourite, fecund and bursting out all over month. As you so succinctly put it.