Monday, 22 June 2015

Flying a kite

One reason to look forward to the long drive up to Loughborough is the certainty that I will see a red kite somewhere on the journey. The sat nav wants me to take the Old North Road but I stubbornly stick to the A47. Two contrasting rivers, the cabbages and pads of the Nene and the infant Welland, miles away from ponderous bream and maruding seals.

 And what I came down off the road for, wheeling over the sheep in front of the watering hole of the well heeled, the Royal Oak in Doddington.  Only have a standard kit 18-52mm on the Nikon so these kite can't be seen in their full, rufous, fork tailed majesty.  Distinctive call, several stops above the rather mealy buzzard mewing.

1 comment:

  1. There are quite a few in the Peterborough area and the odd one gets in to our airspace too. We were in maidenhead on Sunday seeing the family there and there are loads of them. A tall bird table with meat on and they are in your garden. fabulous looking birds.