Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rain stopped play

England  spluttering to 300. Not enough these days.  Rain now just light mizzle. Hemp has been fizzing away waiting for this break in the weather. By the time I' d got on 1st stage almost pleasant.  Shame I'd left the float rod at home. Luckily only 2 minutes drive  back home to get it.  Prefer 2nd staging but it has been closed for safety reasons.

Not sure how weedy this spot is but no rake handy. Odd bubble or two, wait for this lovely, oily hemp to weave it's mystical magic, topped up with some corn. Oozing oil today. Salt , chilli and ginger to spice it up.

Bumped out of an express train carp before the first bream uncharacteristically charged around the swim. 5 and a half pounds female, somewhat battle scarred.

An absolute. cauldron out there now, but the wind picking up making presentation difficult.  Despite this another 4 bream on the prawn. This one the smallest, but prettiest.

Buzzard  overhead, kingfisher making several low passes across and along the pond. Swans have left, their 7 strong brood whittled down quite quickly by the pike,  along with the greylag goslings.

Rain setting in, prawn snaffled on the drop and fish surges off. Can't seem to get good contact then realise the handle has sheared off the vintage 154. Clearly  not a bream. Orange flashes, it's one of the bright undersided tench that seem to come from this stages particularly.  Long  plump without being hefty. Lovely way to bring a premature end to the afternoon,  rain stopped play.


  1. Not those bloody ABU Cardinals again BB? John

  2. Sounds like it might be the last time we see them John. There's no way he'll repair them. Nice session Wak.

  3. This is one of the better Cardinals. Rear drag very smooth. It'll be on the work bench today.

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