Sunday, 20 September 2015

Autumn is here

Definitely an eggs in nearly one basket crop this but it signals the end of summer to be sure...Knight's Hill twixt chalk upland and flat fen.

40 's weekend in Sheringham is also a harbinger of those mellow mists.

Mid wars Rolls Royce detail...

These kick up a stink..

Just an hour on the river, first cast on flake this silver dart

and finished off with this real autumnal perch of about a pound, resplendent in the low evening sun, of course on a worm gleaned from the veg patch turnovers. Just needed a bonfire to round it off. Made do with the church clock striking 5 (3 minutes late as ever) and a distinct dewing on the tackle as the temperature dropped.

Poplars striding off  somewhere important.

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  1. Most splendid. Great photos. Lots of bass being caught at Sheringham. Lots.