Monday, 7 September 2015

Mixed bag

As I live on the edge fancied a bit of piking on Sunday. Pike thought otherwise so in the 3rd swim I let the lip hooked dace go.  Nice bit of river here. Will look a lot different when the dogwood is in its red and yellow bare stemmed best. King fisher and buzzard best spots today, and a distant heard peacock. And the church clock striking 4 minutes late as usual.

Settled in on  the syndicate still water and found a nice clearer spot to lace with white maggot. Enjoyed the sun doing it's best to inject some warmth. We have had a lousy summer.
Lovely mixed bag of mostly palm sized Heinz 57 roach bream and in betweens made for a very pleasant afternoon. On reflection a cloud of damp crumb and fizzing crushed hemp might have held then better but anyway here's a few..

In stunning surroundings

Finished of with a lovingly hand crated artisan rustic bread, sun dried toms and goats cheese LIDL special. Job done.

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