Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The postman always knocks

The postman can knock as many times as she/he wants as long as these offerings are coming my way....

A stunning print from Two Terriers  up there in Zanderland, thanks John and Sue. Tangles with Pike and Crooked Lines by Dominic Garrett which deserve a sit down with a lovely Adnams Single Malt No 1 (or three). And some Essex Scribbler soundage to brighten up my journeys in my new Bureboy charabanc. No listing so a little mix of delights to discover.

The envelope from the Scribbler is addressed to Strange man with fat heeed. Which the postie unerringly sent my way. Strange that. Think we should all send all letters addressed with such minimal postal clues.


  1. You're right, TT's print is a corker. Ha ha, my juvenile humour knows no bounds. I didn't give you a listing, so you can " listen without prejudice ". Can't geat books, music and a bit of art work can you ?

  2. Piking tomorrow, I need to catch a zander but they are hard to come by. I will report back. Glad you all liked the card. People have been asking for them but they've all gone to the select few. The first os the new prints up on the blog next week. get out and fish. ES the CD is really good. Ed Harcourt, he's a man from Heavenly Records who started CBTR. I have a CD of his. ATB, John

  3. Glad you like it John. Didn't know that about Ed Harcourt. Good luck on the zander.