Saturday, 2 April 2016

My nemesis.

Allowed out for the afternoon,  first day of real warmth so decided on feeder fishing off the island to take advantage of the shade of the Norwich bank. Canada geese nesting so that paid to that.  On to the staging and at first the swans  seemed distracted by the geese but that didn't last long and  so begun a  cat and mouse game of trying to feed only when the swans were up-ended.

 Managed to snare a bream of about 4 lb on corn and then this skimmer.

The male swan had worked itself up to a hemp frenzy and was getting on my norks even getting in on the act of netting this bream.

This roach stayed on but a bigger example  dropped off as I  bullied it in away from a lurking pike. 

Throughout the afternoon the reeds and tree roots were awash with moving fish,  spawning or chasing tadpoles? 

A spirited tussle signalled the first tinca of the year and one in the eye for the swans. See it's teddy bear red eyes?

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