Saturday, 16 April 2016

When Saturday comes...

 Never have liked Saturdays, all that hitting the Mall and shite evening telly. Haven't been out on the piss for about 30 years. Not even  going to the footie  at the moment, and that is what really has made this god forsaken day bearable for so many for so long.

Two days of rain didn't bode well but these glimpses on an extended carrot cake run as the rain abated did  lighten the mood.

First flush of blue amongst the stinking Ramsons
Mud at Morston

Barge boards at Blakeney

Gulls at Walcott

And a big swell coming on shore

And there is Match of the Day later....


  1. Never liked Saturdays ? The best day of the week. Saturday papers, football, fishing or whatever you fancy, a pint or two, whole weekend ahead of you. What's wrong with you man ?

  2. I am a miserable fecker. And the ever present threat of going up the city with the great unwashed

  3. That is proper northern miserable. I like it. Goodbye from Murcia. John