Saturday, 21 May 2016

A bit of this and some of that

Catch up before the weekend.......

Rhodos are just begining to breakthrough and the pads are establishing themselves again. Water still coloured and low, pond weed not yet rampant. Everything still has that bursting out greeness. Love May

Let out for  a quick sortie apre chores.  To Crane's, and down to Pump end. More of  a sit down and watch for signs of fish really, fed only with crumb, crushed hemp and corn in the feeders. Missed two steady pulls on prawn and one on corn and snared a small, darkly coloured roach on the corn rod. Bream did roll over bait. Had a quick explore round the swim with a dropshot rig, lost a decent perch second drop and  had this little feller right under my feet in "structure". The bream quite like a dropshot in here but none today..

Rain set in within an hour and off the water to dry out by wine oclock

Last night Lord Lite was up in God's County for some smoothhounds but my curfew didn't allow for a chip run direct to the door of his new Charabanc. England had just put Sri Lanka back in to follow on when I left for an hour and 3/4 on one of the stages on Captain's. Same old I guess, but  5 mins from the back door and half a tin of corn had them fizzing like a jacuzzi. 3 tincas in the blink of an eye then finished off with 4 bream. Lost what was probably a mud pig at the death but all in all a very happy Bureboy arrived  home just in time for the first glass of Shiraz..

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