Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Blue waters and pond scum

Saturday again, and I fancy some mag and wag. What no reds? Shocking. Some nice plum bronzies that have had a run in with some turmeric I think instead. Have mixed in some additive to the brown crumb, puzzled for ages about the smell, Think it is anised and ground hemp.  This litle pult is very accurate.

Afternoon starts off mich brighter than yesterday. with rain promised about  5 o'clock which is curfew time.

Quite a draw and this is complicated by the warming of the water and lifting of the algal mat which in the increasing wind is pulling the float all over the place. Hope it doen't get as bad as this again.

When I do get it still fish are there but not in numbers.When they do come the flash of blue flanks when seen in the dyed water is quite bizarre. Showers then hail again and it is going to be drying the gear off again. Pergrine puts on a soaring show but no dramatic stoop. Two Tufted Duck pairs have taken up residence which could prove  a baiting nightmare.

Best of  a small bunch was this plump fish, clearly filling out with spawn. No hybrids today which is a surprise.


  1. Middle one is a architype Wak polariser, nice one.

    1. The water really is dyed blue. WTF