Sunday, 12 June 2016

Here and there.

Monday and a quick bash on the Pond, though I'd had a reasonable amount of fish Sunday the swim was not the jacuzzi I'd have liked it to have been so popped onto Stage 1. All I can say is the midges kept away, A small roach first cast and a slightly less small skimmer was it. Lot of carp activity though.

Thursday and I had I one of those texts whilst at work...get some wine and milk on the way home and go fishing..rude not to.

Thursday and back to Stage Two. Again, not able to concentrate the fish as I would like and more activity under the emerging cover than where I was stubbornly fishing to.  Had four  bream that had just made the jump from skimmer size. All mint, young fish.

Midge mania descending I decided on last cast curfew when a spirited hybrid gave me the run around and looking like a small common as it surged around the swim, all golden scaley flanks. In truth a bit battered from spawning hence the mistaken scaley identity. Much more rudd in this one and one I haven't seen before. A good 4 plus.

Friday and stopped off at Buxton. Mass ranks of mega chub off the Rail bridge, love showing the walkers and cyclists what is there once the Polaroids take out the surface glare. Two good bream with them.

This syndicate member was working the mill pond.

Got in to find I had won a years fishing on the Ketteringham's Fishery on the a Wensum below Costessey Weir. A fabulous unexpected treat. Must explore ASAP.

Sprint round the pond with a drop shot rod, only two taps but virtually no weed anywhere. Is it the unusually coloured water or cold spring? Fish feeding everywhere, cover on not. Hemp on to soak, boosted with chilli, ginger and  salt.

Dinosaur hunting on Saturday with little'un's.

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