Wednesday, 8 June 2016

There is a hole in my bream dear Lisa

Sunday was spent with the chipeaters in Yarmouth. Sun was hot but the North Easterly not.
If you have children and been to Yarmouth you will know Joyland and the Snail ride. It's the law. You will also know the Teacups ride, and why you never went on them again..

Had a couple of hours on the Pond later. The wind doesn't come from one direction on there, just gusts and swirls about. Cold enough to make me wish for gloves.

The round half  a dozen bream all seemingly female and various shapes and sizes. All determined to put up a bit of a fight, even this one foulhooked in the belly.

They came to  prawn or corn over half a tin of corn. Total bait cost? About 20p.

This one had a noticeable hole, about the size of a penny on the gillcover.

Was driven off the water by the cold and the irritating midges finding shelter about my large head. Treated to a pair of buzzards at close quarters over the water just as  I got set to leave the platform. Big birds, measly little calls. Spooked the rooks though.

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