Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Had a weekend away in Hunny recently. Weather so so but it is (broken) Britain after all. Hired a static which was functional and kids liked the small but clean pool. Hunny is what Essex Scribbler  would call chip eater land, standard sandy flats to one end, the glorious red and white clifs and green boulders to the other end and views right across to the flatlands below the distant Lincolnshire Wolds. We stayed at the flat end.

One way to see the Wash is on one of these Monsters

Families enjoying the late afternoon break in the weather.

Caught the sun just right along the fairground

Then up into the town to be down with the chip eaters..washed down with a nice Broadside. London Bureboi had Spam fritters.

Head back to the van

Saturday dawned bright , and after feeding the ducks the weather took a turn for the worse. Good we'd booked at table at the local two for one dive for the family. I had to force down 4 pints after a  misorder. Hard work but someone had to do it..

Not surprisingly slept  it off much to the amusement of the family as you could imagine. 

Sunday started in the rather overpriced Sea Life Centre. Did enjoy the first tank though..

Not sure the stillwater barbel police would be too pleased. Quite liked this large chub like species.

Mixed bag after lunch...Military exhibition

Bleak, hopeless decline

Chrome  and grunt machines.

Fat and sugar in various guises.

The English at play  what ever the weather

And all the fun of the fair.

And possibly the last picture ever on my Ol'Faithfull Nikon D 40, which is now displaying several fatal error messages and and a shutter that refuses to close.


  1. Just another day in paradise BB. Four pints of Broadside too, nice work, I hope you weren't in charge of the pushchair. John

  2. If it had been me 99 year old mum would have been screaming, a wheelchairbpusher after 4 pints of Broadside, ho, ho. John

  3. I am a product of broken Britain. Could be worse. Being in control of a wheelie after 4 Broadsides.

  4. Check out Martin Whathisname if you like bleak Britain type photos.

  5. Check out Martin Whathisname if you like bleak Britain type photos.