Monday, 19 September 2016

Peckham Wry

Took @WalshsamBoy down to the Smoke last Monday for another year in the gleaming spires of academe. He's moved a little way down the Old Kent Road from New Cross to Peckham though not quite in the burgeoning artisan quarter. More Aldi land.

Seemed the decent thing to feed him up with a pint or two to wash it down, not that I'd hurry back to the Kentish Drover, drab even by Wetherspoon's functional standards.

Suprising just how many people have the time and cash for afternoon drinking. Always one Arsenal shirt at least. I do like watching alcohol fuelled posturing and chest jutting old men of a lunchtime.

Probably more of the same in the Greyhound  but at least the facade is a bit brighter than the Drover.

Taken by the rather colourful municipal library and the views towards Cental London, the Shard sticking up like a pointy thumb.

As mentioned above this part of Peckham ain't in the least bit artisan,  no hand hewn chips or Rye bread here.

Don't get many of these round our local bus stops.

Took over an hour to get the Bureboy charabanc past Deptford Bridge and didn't get on the M11 for nearly another hour. In nearly 30C heat. Norfolk life  is not to bad after all.


  1. Sue worked at a school in Peckham for three years or so in the early seventies. Lovely place… You have my sympathy for that trip. Makes you appreciate Norfolk BB. John

  2. The boy is exploring it. He does like the London life, parks, museums and all that but loves coming back too