Thursday, 22 June 2017

Hot, hot heat

Saturday and  a call to rescue the inhabitants of the very local water as the padlock combo had mysteriously changed, Cue endless ribbing on the group Whats App, centred round variations on the Great Escape theme. Not a bad place to be marooned I suppose.

By Sunday it seemed the world was approaching boiling point.  The denizens of the deep had spread themselves aimlessly across the Blue Lagoon which itself was turning a deep bottle green

Interlopers were scouting the forbidden zone. Much to my impotent rage.

Only thing for it was to wait till the sun hit the yard arm, and rather than break out the grog head for the very local water, padlock fixed and hunker down in the shade along the road bank. Water is visibly shrinking. Rain needed. The mud pigs made several nervy raids around the pigeon mix but wouldn't settle in the shallow water. Think I'll up the hemp in the mix.

One old warrior bream however did lift the float and glide away with the prawn. All bent fins and brooding darkness.

Tuesday and an impromptu drop in a a local mill confluence with the tidal Bure. Gave it an hour or so with the local yoot swimming round my float. Didn't pull up any trees hence no piccies but  great fun with perch, dace and an occasional roach.  Lovely run at the tail needs further wader clad investigation.

It just so happened I had left my gear in the car. And I had to drive past a lovely village pond on the way home. And it was the Solstice. And it was 33C. Only one thing for it then. Great MassIngham Scotsmans Pond. £4 on the bank. No litter. No sleepers and wood chip two men swims. No bivvies. Heavenly

I found a shaded corner and changed the stick float for a 3bb waggler and the 4.4 Float fish straight through to a a#10. Bait was krill pellets, which turned out to be a mixed bag (or pot), some floating, some soft and some that split. No that the fish minded. It was fish soup. Almost literally, not just tails up, half the body in the shallow water. The float was never still. Sometimes a prospecting lift of the rod hit gold or occasionally the float did dart off. Mostly it was buffeted in a maelstrom of carp.

Wonderful fun on the pin and Drennan Waggler.

20 little belters, all shapes and sizes in two hours. I dropped as many, I think they were just dashing off with the bait on the edge of their mouths chublike or perhaps foul hooked. 3 did grab a bare hook down the side as I was sorting out some baits

One roach made it through, the bailiff said that usually they were so prolific the carp hardly got  a look in. Not sure about that. 

Never seen  that before.

A mirror or two for added variety would  finish it of to a tee. And some cricket on the green. I did see some bigger fish show but frankly who cares?  Felt a bit sorry for this latch key duckling with no visible parenting going on. 

It's a bugger the nights are going to start pulling in from Thursday. Make hay and all that

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