Monday, 3 July 2017

Caught in spite of the tackle

"Nostalgia for an age yet to come". Buzzcocks, Penetration and probably someone else before.

There is a huge yearning  in the brotherhood of the angle for a melancholic past and plenty of corduroy, tank tops and flat caps to be seen over (and this is the hipster driven irony) the various social media platforms. The worst must be from Fennel's Priory, a man who noodles on about writing in fountain pen ink and has one of the most active media savvy social media marketing presences I have seen.  Why have a vintage and mortgage  money centre pin for trotting and have to pull the the line off the reel with  a heavy, expensive mortgage money  hand made float on a fast flowing, shallow grayling run? Yes. I do like my old Cardinal 155's for their aesthetic looks and wish I had had the money for the infinitely better 55 variants back in the 1980 day. Yes, I still have and use rods from then. But mostly because I have always been broke and too lazy to buy new till very recently. My point is?

Fished for a few pleasant hours yesterday evening away from the DIY on a creaking Stage 2 on the very local water. It took a while for the hemp and pellets to work and though not a cauldron of bubbles plenty to go at and 5 bream and a few bits was a pleasing result.

It really is lovely playing a fish on a centre pin. It is lovely having an old rod that does what it says it should. But here is the but. Casting or better put swinging  out  a float is haphazard and limiting on distance. You can't cast past and wind back to sink the line. So the float might go anywhere and the line catches the surface drift. The rod is great for hand sized fish on the drop. not keeping decent fish out of lillies.

Horses for courses. And don't be lazy and swap the rod and reel to suit the method.


  1. Nice Bream BB, bet that snotted the gear up a bit!! You can't beat a fish on the pin. They say you can be a traditional angler not by the gear you use, but the way you fish - watercraft, none of this longlining for carp nonsense with self hooking devices.....I agree that this be the case. I have always fished with cane since my school days, but love my Cardinal 55's (what cracking reels) and my 1980's pink carp rods (carbon) which were left to me by a dear friend......I also do love my glass rods for fly fishing. You are dead right, swap rod and reel for the method / location - keep on moving! TTFN Dickie

    1. The Essex Scribbler has fished with me for at least 45 years Dickie, and to this day is still surprised that such a ham fisted gumby can catch anything...perhaps I catch fsh that are very hungry or very stupid. Study to be quitet I may, but I still fall over the first stile I come to usually. At least I can see where the fish had been laying doggo when they bow wave off and mark it down for next time. Location, location, location.

  2. It must be nice to go fishing. Needless to say I'm back from The Machine again after another three hours under the influence of anaesthetic. John